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Oral Rinse COVID-19 Testing

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Covid Testing MDX has partnered with High Complexity CLIA certified laboratories to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, reliability, and accuracy. You should never settle for anything less.

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Quick And Reliable Drive Thru Covid Testing

Simple, Non-Invasive and Free COVID Test that takes 60 seconds

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Upon arrival, send a text to (725) 527-2577 with the word “COVID”
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Gargle Quiksal for 60 seconds and return solution into the collection tube


Results will be emailed in less than 48 hours

Telehealth Support

Telehealth will be offered to patients with their results.


A Revolutionary oral rinse PCR Covid test that is 99.999% accurate

  • Formulated to be shelf life stable at room temp for 2 years
  • All oral wash components pre/post collection are food grade and safe to consume even though that is not the intended use.
  • One minute collection time yields 3-6 mL of collected oral fluid. No special training or additional equipment/personnel is needed for specimen collection.
  • Formulated to be post collection stabled for archived toxicology samples at -20C for > 1 year.


  • Results are provided within 48 hours or less. Developed, manufactured and approved for use in the USA.
  • A .07-ounce oral rinse that is gargled in the mouth for 60 seconds and then returned into its container.
  • Does not need to be administered by a registered medical professional.
  • Food grade and safe to swallow.
  • Eliminates the need for the nasopharyngeal swab and its uncomfortable and invasive collection method.
  • Safe for children and seniors.
  • The ingredients in Quiksal cause the salivary glands to produce 7x the sample size of the saliva test.
  • 100% covered by insurance or Medicare.

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Testing Center: Adult Daycare - 8695 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123; Mon-Fri – 9am-4pm;

Call 844-888-0409 For Info

Corporate: 6 Sunset Way, Henderson, NV 89014 #108

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Testing Center: Trinity United Methodist Church - 6151 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146; Mon-Fri – 9am-3pm

Testing Center: 2031 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014; Coming Soon

Testing Center: 4225 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119; Mon-Fri – 8am-4pm; Sat 9am-2pm;

Testing Center: Verve Church - 7850 Dean Martin Drive, Suite 503, Las Vegas, NV 89139; Mon-Fri – 9am-4pm;